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A stroll yesterday in one of the least-walked areas of Teesdale -  the head of Lunedale up above Grains o’ th’ Beck. This area isn’t visited that often, not least because of a lack of public rights of way. However, large expanses of it are public access land and if you are prepared for a little bit of rough walking, you can link a large number of shooter’s tracks that criss-cross the area.


This is a lovely, wide-open area as the photos show, and one that has far-reaching views. It is also one that has some surprising little secrets. This includes one of the three known Neolithic stone circles that were sited in Teesdale. There is also, for those interested in industrial archaeology, a whole wealth of remains from the heyday of lead mining.


This walk will feature in the forthcoming book ‘Walking in Teesdale Book 2’, which will be released later in the year.


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