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About Trailguides

So what is Trailguides all about then?

Well Trailguides is a small company that produces and publishes guide books, route guides and other publications for those participating in outdoor activities such as walking, mountain biking and running. Our aim is to produce guides that are as user-friendly, easy to use and provide as much information as possible and yet all in an entertaining manner. The team here are all active participants in one or more of these activities and as such know what they like to see in a guide book and this gives them their objective which is to increase the enjoyment of your chosen activity.

Being a small company, Trailguides have the flexibility to come up with new routes, ideas and publications without having to worry unduly about lengths of production runs. With being virtually a "cottage industry" our size, or more accurately, lack of it coupled with the wonders of modern digital printing, allows us to produce guides that sell in their tens or in their hundreds. This enables us to showcase the very best of the great British countryside and to highlight in particular the special features on any route that otherwise might so easily be missed.

Comments and, yes, criticisms are always welcomed especially if you discover a change to a route. Feel free to email us through the contact panel, we're always eager for a chat.

If you have any new ideas for routes or books that you would like to see then please get in touch. We are always happy to talk about new projects and welcome new members to our team.

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