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About Fell and Hill Running

Considered to be a bit more extreme than trail running, the significant difference between the two is both the amount and steepness of the uphill and downhill running encountered during these events. That, plus the fact that quite often the runner has to cross quite rough terrain including heather beds, boulder fields and peat bogs, makes these races the most challenging in UK athletics events. And at the same time, perhaps, the most satisfying races of all to complete.

Training for fell and hill running needs to focus on the peculiar characteristics of these competitions. This means developing the skill and fitness to be both a competent downhill and uphill runner and also the ability to run effectively across uneven and rough, difficult terrain.

The books and downloads in this category have been written to help both the new and experienced runner to improve their abilities and skills for these events and have been endorsed by, quite literally, thousands of runners who enjoy this demanding sport.

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