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A walk yesterday on the south side of Teesdale, going around the Stang Forest to search out an old lead mine and the remains of a couple of Roman shrines. Or that was the intention. Unfortunately the weather hadn’t been reading the same script as us. Although not particularly high, this is an interesting area of moorland not least because it is not that well walked. However, right from the start thick mist that surrounded the Stang made the walk a little bit dubious. Anyway Scargill Lead Mine itself was easy to find, quite straight forward once you’d left the forest. Then the snow started to persistently come down and for long periods quite heavy. We persevered for a while but with thick mist and heavy snow there was little visibility and the only reasonable alternative was to say enough is enough and head back to the security of the forest. But we still got in a two hour walk around the forest and its near moor plus we found the lead mine that we were looking for. It isn’t the first time that we’ve had to cut a walk short because of the weather and I doubt that it will be the last.

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